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Paper Dress Princess

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

About a year ago I was at my day job and got a frantic text from a friend asking me to perform in her event that night. I didn’t have time to go home and get a costume, but I wanted to help out my friend and pick up an extra gig so I said yes. This is not the first time this has happened so I have a couple acts that I can put together with a cute pair of panties and a quick trip to Duane Reade. I’ve stripped out of street clothes a couple times but audiences respond better to something more costume-y so I like to make a dress out of paper. Usually I use wrapping paper but this was a gothy event so I thought that would be too peppy. I went with Newspaper instead. I picked a song, rehearsed in my head, and unleashed the performance later that night.

Sometimes it’s that easy. Not always. Not often. But sometimes. It probably helps if you have a degree and buttloads of experience in performance and design.

People seemed really impressed by what I’d thrown together in a dark club with some newspaper and packing tape. And so was I, actually. So when I decided to put together a portfolio of walkabout characters to pitch to event designers, I thought a newspaper dress would be a good addition. They’d be cool to have at a party, easy to transport, I could do this by myself or with a bunch of people, and I could even make them for guests as part of the entertainment at an event assuming they wanted to be in a dress they had to be cut out of. Which could be fun! I also recently met a professional origami folder (I love New York) so I’m going to see if he can teach me to fold more accessories like flowers or something. Also, since it’s paper, these dresses could be printed with literally anything; photo collages, company logos, magazine pages, book pages, wrapping paper, blueprints, maps.

Damn, I think I have some more photo shoots to do….

Anyway, I sketched some ideas, raided my wig and jewelry boxes, got the lovely Charles Stunning to model and the Talented Steward Noack to take photos, and Voila!

IMG_6174 IMG_6181 IMG_6189 IMG_6211 IMG_6217 IMG_6243 IMG_6263




Original Cyn was a wooden roller coaster of a show, held together with pure love and blind faith. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and it may be the best thing I ever do. I miss it a lot. And I think I’m not the only one.

In the years since it shut down a lot of people have asked me if/when it’s coming back. I’ve always meant to bring it back in some way but I’ve never been sure how. How big a venue will we need? How can we pay everyone who works on the show what they’re worth? How can we recapture the magic of the original? How can we make it better? How can we get everyone that drunk again?

I don’t yet know how to answer those questions, but I want to gauge interest so we can start to answer those questions. So I have an actual, accurate, number, I’m using this mailing list. So if you want to see OC again, sign up here. I won’t use your email for anything else, just to tell you when and where the show will be coming back.

If/when the show comes back, it’ll definitely be sporadic and it’ll probably be underground so this mailing list will be the only way to know when and where a show is happening. I’ll repeat, for those skimming, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL DEFINITELY KNOW WHEN/WHERE THE SHOW IS HAPPENING.

So, for reals, sign up. Oh, and feel free to pass this link around. The more people, the bigger the party.


EDIT: I don’t know why, but the sign up sheet HTML just won’t fucking work on this blog so please sign up here

I’m a very prudish sex worker. I’ve been in videos that technically count as porn but I’ll only be in them if I can keep my underwear on. Preferably a bra, too. And nothing traditionally considered sexual contact happens to me. Many people would say that disqualifies me from porn completely. If you’re one of those people, prepare to have your world expanded.

This is not porn…. OR IS IT?!?!?

There are a ton of fetishists out there whose fetish doesn’t require nudity or sexual contact (as it’s traditionally defined) at all. They’re perfectly happy to see a fully clothed girl drown in quick sand, or eat food slowly, or pretend to be a giant. And I am perfectly happy to accommodate those people! For me, the weird jobs are the fun jobs and I’m happy to find ones that fit with my comfort level. Getting jackhammered on camera for several hours pays a hell of a lot better and plenty of people like doing it, but it’s not something I think I’d enjoy and, honestly, I think I would tire of it quickly. Not so with weird fetish porn! There’s always something new; different things to do, new fetishes to understand, strange and fascinating things to learn about the human race. If possible, I like to research and understand the fetishes I’m playing to. Anyone can pretend to be a giant, but I like to figure out how to be the sexiest giant I can be.

This post is about Chloroform Porn!

It's just as fun as it looks.

It’s just as fun as it looks.

I originally assumed that it was a fetish where people where knocked out with chloroform and then molested but, no, this was just people getting knocked out with chloroform over and over. I lucked out and ended up working with my friend and fellow burlesque performer Apathy Angel. There wasn’t much of plot exactly, it was more like an improv game; we knew our relationship (lovers) and our objective (knocking the other one out with chloroform.)

It was not hard to find a motivation.

It was not hard to find a motivation.

There were also different types of knock outs. Our director explained that, when a rag was used, we should struggle and gradually slow down till we “passed out.” This is pretty standard in movies, so it was easy to replicate. It was also pretty easy to make it sexy. Since all we were doing was knocking each other out, it was pretty clear that the struggle and the fainting was the point so I knew to draw it out, make it as sexy as possible. But there was also the other kind of knock out, which was where you got sprayed in the face directly. The director told us that this was different, more of a shock. You take a couple of quick, shocked, breaths, and pass out instantly. I gave it a shot and the director was shocked by how well I did it. Thanks NYU! I knew that acting degree would come in handy some day!

The shoot culminated with me and Apathy wrestling each other in our underwear, each holding a rag. I don’t remember who won the final knockout but I remember it was a hell of a lot of fun. I really wish I had seen the video clip or gotten photos because, chloroform or not, I’m pretty sure Apathy and I wrestling was hot. You’ll have to make do with this photo of me and Apathy kissing in my Kaylee and Simon act from the firefly show we did a few years ago.

Poor you.

Poor you.