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This blog could often be called “Life lessons from Joss Whedon.”Image

I’m not gonna lie to you, readers, this has been an awful year. It’s been an awful year for everyone so I won’t recite the litany of my sorrows but most of the past 8 months has just been a struggle to go through the basic motions of eating, working, keeping a roof over my head. In the world of burlesque I took on way too many things and I burned out hard. To the point where I spent a lot of time thinking about giving up. Giving up plans included everything from moving back in with my parents, moving to the middle of nowhere and trying to be a normal person, selling all my possessions and drinking myself to death in New Orleans, or just straight up dying. I’m not saying that as a cry for help cry for help or anything, it’s just illustrative of how bad this year has been.


Things are getting better, thank God. The major source of my stress is no longer a part of my life. My crappy day job just became a job I can do from home (or anywhere else!) which will allow me to pick up more work that I like, do more art, and intern for a career that I actually want. An extraordinarily generous friend is paying for me to fly across the country and take a vacation. And I have only one more show to do before I can take a two month break from producing!

I’ve been dreaming about doing this show for over a year. I have put a fuckton of work into it but when the time came for the big advertising push I was so burned out that I just couldn’t do it. I don’t know how to advertise something I’m not excited about and I couldn’t be excited about anything.


So then my super amazing co-producer, Sarah Topps, reminded me that the show was coming up HELLA fast and I had a panic attack, which is kind of *like* being excited about something, but still not helpful because you’re paralyzed with fear. Luckily, Sarah is, as previously mentioned, a really spectacular co-producer. She remained calm. She encouraged me. To reference the title of this post, she has carried me a lot this year.

She said “Dude, we got this. I can run this show no problem and we have an amazing cast. All we’ve got to do is get some butts in the seats and the show will be fucking awesome.” And she was right. We already have an awesome show. We just need people to see it.

And it was those people that carried me, too. This talented, smart, beautiful cast and crew, the brilliant photographer and graphic designer that made our promo materials, this source material (thank you Joss!) these people I love and respect and trust to help me when I need it. I’ve been crawling for a while and just the thought of these people has carried me back to excitement and joy and doing everything I damn well can to get this show a great audience.

Because we deserve it.

Wanna see an awesome show? Come to the Bell House this Saturday.


*hilarious drawings from the amazing blog Hyperbole and a Half. Read it! Love it! Buy the book!