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Making that muscle suit was a goddamn odyssey but that was only half the job.  Originally I tried to make the bodysuit myself but eventually I wised up and bought two online. Hooray for Google shop!  I think the greatest lesson I learned from all this is if you CAN buy it, YOU PROBABLY SHOULD.  For serious.  This might not be true if you are a super awesome seamstress but I am not.  I really really am not.

Luckily, the sewing part was relatively easy.  Mostly.  See, I didn’t just want a body suit that looked muscley, oh no.  I wanted a muscley body suit that had arms, legs and a chest that ripped off.  Because I’m crazy.  And because it made for a much cooler act.  First I cut the suit into the pieces I needed it to be and opened up the seams that would be snapping together.  The muscle suit was already in said pieces so I stretched the relevant pieces over their respective muscle suit parts, pinned them in place, then opened up the seams and then sewed the pieces together.  Is that at all clear?  I had to cut the “muscles” down further to fit under the the outer suit and to make them look more like actual muscles.

After sewed all the pieces together I then replaced the seams with snap tape.  Pretty much all the seams.  For the most part I used black and then I dyed a few bits of snap tape red for parts where that was necessary.  Then I used nail polish to pain the snaps black or red, as needed.  I modified the other suit so it was more sexy so I could be Lady Deadpool.  I also added snap tape to one of the hoods for easy removal and cut a hole in the lady deadpool hood for her ponytail.  I also had to cut they eyes out of the first hood so I has some chance of seeing.

The first performance had some issues.  A lot of them, actually.  Most notably, my bottom hood slid up, so for most of the act I couldn’t fucking see, which really sucks when you’re trying to dance and wield a sword and not fall off the stage and kill somebody.  For the next performance I used double stick tape to tape the inside of the bottom hood to my face.  Sexy.

But it looked pretty good.  And people seemed to get the jokes.  More than anything it needs some rehearsal.

I used ribbon to cover the snap tape on the inner thigh.  Not sure that was the best idea.  I’m also a bit annoyed that the boots are a different shade of red but that may have to be ok for now.

I’ve got to add a bit more snap tape to the inner thigh so I don’t get that annoying gap.

This is the sexy Lady Deadpool costume.  Originally I had planned to make the red part of this (most of the torso) removable but that proved to be just too much fucking work.  Yes, I drew a line somewhere.  Perhaps not where I should have, but somewhere.

Final reveal.  It’s hard to tell from the photo, but instead of pasties I had fake scar tissue covering my nipples.  I’m kind of torn between continueing to do this, or making super bedazzled deadpool head pasties.

Like this, but glittery.

I’m still not sure if it was all worth it, but I learned a new skill and I think I can be pretty sure I have an act that’s one of a kind.  There is another Deadpool act out there, but it’s very different and mine is at least a thousand time crazier.  Is that an asset?  History will decide.

There are more photos on my FB page and you can see the act making its NYC debut July 13th and 14th at Epic Win’s X-Men Show

We’ll also have Storm, Emma Frost, a very sexy Dark Phoenix and a Wolverine with real metal claws.  I am super psyched.  Get tickets here for the 13th and here for the 14th.

All in all, I worked really hard on this and I think I did a decent job.  I reward myself with this gif.