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“I don’t even have time to use the bathroom anymore.  I’m storing up all my bodily waste in another dimension until one glorious day…”

Jhonen Vasquez, I Feel Sick

When I was in college every semester began the same way.  I would come back from break bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take on the world.  This time it would be different, I thought, this time I’d get my shit together.  I would go to my classes on time.  I would get my work done.  I would make great art.  I would actually do the reading.

Getting to class would be the first thing to go.  Usually the first day of my first class.  And I don’t think I ever did *all* the reading of any class I ever took except, probably, design class because my teacher didn’t assign much reading, what she did assign was usually fascinating and I was well and truly afraid of her.  Like, if I hadn’t Read Mediamaterial at least five times in an attempt to understand it, she might have eaten my soul.  No joke.

But I’d be doing ok.  Not GREAT but ok.  I’d start to get into the groove of things, I’d hand in a few projects and papers, audition for some stuff, have a couple design meetings and I’d think “Yeah, maybe this time I’ll be ok.”

And then I’d get this feeling…  Like someone was following me and I couldn’t turn around.  Like I was walking with my back to an avalanche prone mountain and could hear some ominous rumbling.  And suddenly BOOM!  Work avalanche!  Stuff I’d been putting off was suddenly due.  Show’s I’d been designing and talking about and doing drawings for suddenly needed costumes and they needed them NOW.  And “OH MY GOD IF I DON’T DO WELL ON THIS DESIGN PROJECT MY TEACHER WILL SET ME ON FIRE WITH HER EYES!  HER VERY EYEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!”

And would freak the fuck out.  And I would call my mother.

My mother is the only reason I ever survived the logistical nightmare that is my life.  Really, she’s the only reason I survived past infancy because without her I’m pretty sure my dad would have forgotten to feed me for, like, a week and I would have starved to death.  My dad and I have a lot in common.

I would call my mom and freak the fuck out and after my rant she would calmly say “Ok, what do you actually have to do?”

And I would write it all down and I would breath a little bit and she would say “Ok, you should probably start with this and then do that.  And, let’s be honest, you’re just never going to do that and it doesn’t seem integral to your life to have to do it, so I’ll do it for you.”  And we would make a plan of action, that I never was quite able to hold to but I got by.  I never got straight A’s, I took a couple incompletes and even failed a class once, but I got by.  I graduated in 4 years.  I snuck in a few dance and design credits I wasn’t supposed to be allowed to take.  I was never once set on fire by my design teacher (in fact, she once gave in an A- in a class I didn’t actually ever sign up for so I think I did pretty well in her eyes)

So now that still happens, though not necessarily on a quarterly basis.  Mid-January is still likely to bring up that starting to run in front of an avalanche feeling though and it’s here again.  Here’s what I’ve got on my plate right now:

One new classic schmancy act and an upgraded old act by mid February.  Followed by a weekend performing DC and thrift shopping with my parents.

An Evil Willow act by March

A Sweeney Todd act (for which I’ll be building pretty much everything, razors included)  and a Severus Snape act by mid April.

And, you know, the other day to day stuff; working about 40 hours a week, performing and promoting other gigs, working on this painting, my novel, my blogs and cleaning/reorganizing my apartment.  And having a life.

So what do I do?

I’ll admit, first I called my mom.  Less for prioritizing/calming, more to ask her how much time my sewing will probably take and to ask her to do most of the necessary thrift store shopping (mostly because it’s cheaper and there’s no bedbug epidemic in DC.  I’m too scared to buy second hand clothes in NYC these days)

Delegating!  It’s an awesome thing.

Currently I am stealing time from work to write this post, organize my thoughts, write out to do lists, and schedule (in theory.  I haven’t done that part yet)  An ideal use of company time?  No.  Do I feel like kind of a jerk?  A little.  But what can ya do?

What else can I do to survive this?  I’m still not totally sure.  If you have planning tips, do let me know.  It’s really hard to get any kind of system to stick to me.