Interstitial Awesome

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

The difference between interstitial inspiration and stealing of intellectual copyright is about everyone coming out richer for the interaction.  What one of us does inspires the next, credit is given where credit is due- and all of us are greater for it…  Interstitial collaboration, however, is when we directly work with the other artist of another genre to create something that would have never existed before.

Lee Harrington, Growing Beautiful Flowers at the Intersections: From Complex Ecosystems to Interstitial Collaboration  


This quote from Lee Harrington (another personal hero of mine) sums up the kind of collaboration I’ve always dreamed about. 

“When I am a grown up, ” Thought my younger self, “living in New York, I will have the most amazing friends.  They will be awesome and talented and good at many different things and we’ll all work together to make amazing art.

And it turns out I was right.

My dear friend and favorite rapper, Schaffer the Darklord wrote a song about and epic bender, an unending, boozed up, drug haze from hell.  Another friend of mine, Burke Heffner, a spectacular photographer and filmmaker conceived of an Epic music video for it that I flatter myself was at least party inspired by my show, Original Cyn.  Burke got his filmmaking friends and a butt load of equipment.  Then he, Schaffer and Joe the Shark wrangled half the NYC burlesque scene into a bar and what resulted is nothing short of pure magic.

The Bender is a paean to debauchery in all it’s forms. The video take place at Lucky 13 (home of Original Cyn) and features poledancing, crack smoking, a sexy topless coke yeti, me licking pills off the bar, an ecstasy orgy, along with more run of the mill drinking, druggery and parodies of nearly every rap video cliche you can think of (with the exception of bootyclapping and women dancing in obviously fake rain) It’s kind of the Hollywood version of Original Cyn and is entirely populated with people I love.  It’s awesome and has reached over 9,000 views in 3 days.  Check it out.  Give it a thumbs up if you like it.  We’ll all appreciate it.

This post is a little off topic.  It isn’t a tutorial, nor does it expound on the nature of art/performance/burlesque.  But it does have an important moral:  With some great friends and a butt load of extremely hard work you can make magic happen.  And the world is a much better place if you work with people who are as, or more talented than, you and you let yourself be inspired by them instead of putting yourself in competition with them.


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