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This is Peter Aguero. He is fearless and awesome.

Peter is all about art that is raw and vulnerable. He is all about stories that are hard to tell. And that’s one of the things I love about him.

The best performance class I ever took started with every one in the program, students and teachers, one by one standing in front of the class and saying “My name is _____. Something I want you to know about me is ________. Something I don’t want you to know about me is ________.”

This is the essence of theatre, the essence of any kind of art that interests me; Telling a group of people something you desperately want to tell them and something you desperately don’t want them to know. They usually overlap. If they don’t you’re probably not telling the whole truth.

Telling the story of how horrible your break up was is not the whole truth if it doesn’t include a confession of how horrible you were in the process. Even telling a story of something you’re happy about, your impulse is to hide how happy you are about it. Because if you tell the whole truth about something that really matters to you, you leave yourself open to rejection,to judgment, to being laughed at. You leave yourself vulnerable.

But THAT is what people want to see. THAT is what makes any kind of art worth doing and worth seeing. Good art in an incredible act of bravery. What is the definition of bravery if not “to purposefully make yourself vulnerable?”

This is what Peter Aguero is all about. He is also all about whiskey and naked girls.

Hence, his new show Bare.

I don’t normally schill for shows on this blog (you’ll note I haven’t mentioned any of my shows yet) but Bare is a unique show that’s gotten practically no buzz.  And that needed to be remedied, like, now.

Bare is a show that pairs heart rending stories with similarly themed burlesque numbers.  Most of the burlesque serves as a pick me up, a naked pallet cleanser, if you will.  These stories are all beautiful, amazing and brutally honest.  They’re all stories that you’ll be glad you heard.  But without the funny, naked, girls between them, the whole night would just be too depressing.  BUT the burlesque is not just nudity.  It shows the side of burlesque that make it Theater’s Sexy Little Sister.  All the acts tell a story that complements the spoken story that precedes them.  In the last show Peter paired this act

With a story about a girl who took up running as a way of dealing with her father’s death.

I myself am also in the show and I will be both naked AND depressing.  This is really the only place I can do this act (depressing nudity: not as popular as you might think) BUT I’m really proud of it because it is all the things I talk about in this post.  It is open.  It is vulnerable.  And it is really hard and really terrifying to do.  The last time we did this show and audience member went home and downloaded the song I performed to in order to fully describe the act to his wife.  I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to know I had that much of an effect on someone.

And I am supremely grateful to have Peter in my life and challenging me to be as fearless as he is.

Bare is Thursday, October 28 · 10:30pm at Under St Marks Theater, 94 St Mark’s Place and it’s only $5.  Come out and see it, you’ll be very glad you did.

You can also download some of Peter’s stories on itunes

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