Glinda Part 2: Glinda meets Gaga

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Holy EFF I meant to finish this a million years ago (better known as a month ago) but shit got crazy. I had to make and perform a Data act and then I visited my parents and then I assisted in the installation of the lobby for a haunted house and all sort of insanity ensued. I’ve pretty much felt like this (seriously, I have reposted that shit EVERYWHERE.)

BUT! I promised more Glinda and that is what you shall have!

Let’s start with some action shots so I can show off how the top dress came out.

I am so proud.

BUT! We were also going for something a little crazier, a little hipper, a little more like this

And also more strippery.  Like this

The shoes were actually pretty easy. I bought the cheapest clear stripper heels I could find on Google shop (Which is OMG the coolest thing ever!) and 2 grosses of Chinese fake Swarovski crystals from B&Q (Also awesome. The crystals aren’t QUITE as sparkly as the real Swarovskis but it’s pretty hard to tell the difference if they’re not side by side) and glued the suckers on. The gluing turned out to be the hardest part. I first used a glue specifically designed for vinyl, and teh little bastards popped right off. I reglued using E6000 and that my or may not have worked better. I kept losing stones but I don’t know if they were the one that had been glued with the vinyl glue or the E6000. Next time I’m using gemtack because everyone I know swears by it. In the meantime, I’ll be finding crystals every-friking-where for the next few weeks.

The skirt was, obviously, the hardest part. For one thing, I was working with a very differently shaped skirt and it had to go under something, so it lost a lot of the dynamism of the original. Also, I don’t have the money, materials, knowhow and man-hours that obviously went into the original.

That said, taking this as an inspiration, not something to slavishly copy, I think I created something pretty cool.
First I draped a pattern for a skirt that fitted over the panniers. It was my first time actually draping something and it went pretty well. It was more time consuming than I expected (let’s be honest, everything is) but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. The general idea is that you take some cheap cloth, drape it into the form you want it to be, pin away the excess, mark where that excess is, mark where you want the seams to go, then lay the fabric out flat and cut along the marks you’ve made. I highly suggest googling for a more detailed tutorial. I traced the pattern onto a ripped open paper bag. I also suggest keeping the pages of those big desk blotter calendars and tracing onto those.

Once I had the skirt made I needed the crazy hoop things. I got a big sheet of hologram plastic from Canal Plastics,
cut it into half inch strips and started pinning the strips where I wanted them and gluing them into hoops with the aforementioned vinyl glue (Which worked just great in this instance.)
Originally I sewed them into place but the thread broke during the first performance so I used fishing line. A cool thing about fishing line is that it’s stiff enough that you don’t have to thread it onto a needle. Just cut a few inches of line, poke it through the fabric and tie it in a square knot around whatever you want it holding in place.

Once again, my cat is ridiculous

The bodysuit was easy..ish.
I knew I wanted something strippery, like the playsuits you see in super trashy lingerie stores (or National Wholesale Liquidators, which is where I usually shop.) I didn’t have a body suit pattern though. So I took this catsuit pattern

Cut the legs to the right size, cut out the desired amount of midsection, and sort of frankenstined the top with a vest pattern I had.
The cute little butt ruffle came from a corset pattern I had.
I sewed it onto the panties so the costume could keep a sense of continuity as I stripped down.

I’m a big fan of altering patterns. It saves money and lets you be more creative (while saving you from patterning every damn thing) but next time I think I’ll invest in an actual bathing suit pattern because this one gave me horrific camel toe.
Of course, it was after I had made the damn thing (and a few short days before the show) that I realized that this had to hide UNDER the original dress. My brain completely forgot that a halter top would be pretty damn obvious under such a deep neckline. Oy.
There really wasn’t time to re-cut and sew the damn thing so I just took the straps, twisted them in to small strips and sewed them to the back.
Lazy? yes.
Ghetto? Certainly.
But, hey, it looks fine. Maybe even intentional. And I lost too much sleep on this show as it is. (Seriously, I woke up at 4 am and changed into my costume on the street to get 5 seconds of airtime on CBS early morning for this show. The life of a performer, it is not glamorous.)

Finally I bedazzled a bra

And kicked some ass on stage

For more photos of the show, which was a technicolor rainbow of awesome, check out Dov Hectman’s Photo set
For more info about Friends of Dorothy: an Oz Cabaret, check out Conatus’ Website


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