New Painting in Progress

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

In my pseudo-break from performing I’ve gotten back to working on my painting series. It’s still not finished but I wanted to post some photos of the work in progress.

I started by getting a hell of a lot of acrylic pieces cut to the sizes I needed. It’s a little bit sad and annoying that I let this part of the process get in my way for so long. Canal plastics really kicked ass at getting these together (in, like, 6 hours!) and, yeah it was more money than I like to spend in one place at one time but that’s what credit cards are for. Old Skool Cory helped me pick up the stuff and drive it home. I spent an annoying amount of time matching the reference photos I had to the different sizes I had, but eventually it all got worked out.
Reference photos no attached to their respective strata

I started by griding out the reference photo and the acrylic piece and sketching out the composition, then under-painting the different forms.
My cat found the whole process fascinating.

And now I work on layer after layer of wild and wacky colors.

I’ll post photos when it’s done and as I work on more pieces.

Unless this is boring. I’m worried this might be boring to people who aren’t me.


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