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Where I Am. Where I Want to Be.

Posted: November 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

So here I am on the first day of my 27th year, taking stock, etc. And I thought this info would help to give this blog context.

My social life is in a pretty great place (knock wood.) I have an awesome boyfriend and a great group of friends that I hope will become both wider and closer with time.  Most of them are artists so I’ll probably be pimping them on this blog.

My work life is… complicated.  And not so much in the fun way.  On some days I’m a secretary, on others I’m a tutor.  If I get a job as a librarian I’ll have the girl-with-glasses-cliché-trifecta and I might go mad with boredom.  Fortunately, I perform as a burlesquer, storyteller and go-go dancer one to five nights a week, which keep things interesting.  Unfortunately, that leaves little time for sleep or art or writing or the other little things that keep me sane.  And even though I’m constantly working I’m barely keeping myself fed.
This is not what I would call ideal.

What I would call ideal is getting paid to do what I love doing; writing, performing, painting.  I dream of a full time job with a full time salary where my job was simply being an artist.

But this is not what I would call realistic.  At least not now.  I need to make a much bigger name for myself before I can start making an actual living at it.  Which is, of course, damn hard to do working a full time job.

So my goal for the very near future is to find a job that pays enough to live on, leaves me time to do the art I need to do and make a name for myself while doing it.

I’ve made a spreadsheet.  Don’t laugh.  An actual spreadsheet of job fields I might be interested in, places I might want to
work and people I knew who could tell me about said jobs/places.  November is my month to start doing the legwork.

Wish me luck.